Special Mother's Day Hamper

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A very special treat for all Mothers, consisting of:

Book (Re)Build My Emotional House

We don't always take care of our mental health as it deserves, despite it being as important as physical health. Guide with practical exercises that help you understand how you can feel better about yourself, think more positively, take care of your emotions and improve your relationships.


Made with waste pine, poplar and plane wood, with an inspiring phrase that makes us reflect on what it represents in our lives and our well-being.

Aromatic Candle

Vanilla, Cinnamon and Pine aromatic candle, a perfect combination that inspires comfort and safety.

Red Fruit Tea

Delicious comforting tea that can be enjoyed both cold and hot.

Natural Cocktail

A combination of natural dried fruits.

Cherry Candy with Dark Chocolate

A delicious combination of Cherry and Dark Chocolate.

Salt Baths

Bath salts with sea salt, plants and essential oils for a relaxing and invigorating bath.

Optional: Photo Print Offer size 10*15cm (if you wish, send us your photo by email so we can attach it to the basket).

*promotion valid from April 23rd to May 5th, 2024.

39,90€ EUR 46,40€ EUR

Save 14% on this product!
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