Chicken and Adzuki Bean Tacos

Chicken and Adzuki Bean Tacos

Chicken and Adzuki Bean Tacos

On Leguminous Day, we challenged our partner Ana Vargas to create a recipe alluding to this theme.

We share with you the result/recipe! Try it :)


Boiled adzuki beans (amount to taste)

Salt (qb)

400gr Chicken (chopped)

5 c. Tomato Soup (shredded)

A little DOP Olive Oil (I used 1 tbsp)

Mix of Mexican Seasonings (qb)

dehydrated onion

Garlic powder

Sweet smoked paprika



1st Cook the beans with a little salt and set aside.

2º In a frying pan, put the oil and let it heat over medium heat.

3º Season the meat with all the seasonings and place in the pan, stirring constantly so that it is uniform and loose.

4ºWhen the meat is cooked, add the crushed tomato, adjust the seasoning and let it cook a little longer over low heat.

5th Then add the beans and mix.

6º Heat the tortilla for a few seconds in the microwave and serve

Ana - Healthy in Minutes


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